Journal of Signal Processing and Wireless Technologies.

Volume1,June 2017,

Topic : EMOLGA The Air Mouse

Authors:Kiran Borade || Ishita Dixit,Shital Bauskar

Abstract:This paper reviews the technology for using hand gestures as a means for interacting with computer. That is to develop an Air Mouse which operates on hand gestures. Air Mouse is convenient and health friendly device that is capable of replacing the existing optical mouse. It is a wearable mouse that is implanted on a glove which can be worn by the user. It consist accelerometer to sense the hand movements, hall effect sensor for the click operation and scrolling, Arduino board which has microcontroller and ADC implemented on it. It is a wireless device hence to communicate with host device it uses Wi-Fi. The programming of Arduino chip is done using Arduino Software Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The main goal of Air Mouse is to achieve better quality Human Computer Interaction (HCI.

Keywords: Accelerometer, Arduino, Halleffect sensor , Wearable Mouse, Bluetooth, Microcontroller, HCI, Air Mouse, IDE.

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